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    Simge Yurdakul, MA

    Nutritionist and Educator

    Who we are?

    Hi, I’m Simge Yurdakul! I am a preschool nutritionist and educator. I got my undergraduate degree from Selcuk University Nutrition and Dietetics Bachelor's program in Turkey and graduated from Mills College Early Childhood Education Master’s program in Oakland, California. The ecological systems of children support school nutrition education and collaborations between these ecological systems are essential to improve school nutrition education and support educators best. We aim to inform educators, student teachers, and parents about the importance of child nutrition and child nutrition education, and share practical school nutrition activities.

    Why is nutrition education crucial in early childhood?

    My team and I aim to implement nutrition education in early childhood because the prefrontal cortex and regulatory skills are developing rapidly in early childhood and provide strong habit-building opportunities. Having healthy eating habits is like collecting to the piggy bank. It provides lifelong health, optimal growth, and physical and neurocognitive development and prevents diseases, allergies, and psychological and social challenges.